History of this Place

Around 1832 A.D.in Deccan India, Hyderabad was ruled by Fourth Nizam Asif Jah Nasir-ud Dowlah of Nizam Dynasty. The Nizam’s Military forces, which consisted of Arab and Rohilla soldiers, were gradually getting out of control of the Young Nizam. To control the forces and the public, Prime minister Maharaja Chandu Lal adviced him of getting Military help from Sher-e- Punjab Maharaja Ranjeet Singh. Messages accompanied by valuable gifts, one was Golden Canopy (Chandni) worth lakh of Rupees, were sent across the country to Punjab. Sher-e- Punjab Maharaja Ranjeet Singh was very much pleased by the chandani, placed it in the diwan of Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji at Sri Harmander Sahib, Amritsar. He sent fifteen hundred Lahori soldiers (1500) under the supervision (leadership) of Fourteen Risals and Fourteen Nishan Sahiban. He also anounce that the salary and basic equipment’s for this Lahori forces will be given from Punjab and instructed the forces to provide their services to the Nizam, work on deputation and not to come back until he recalls. When lahori Forces reached Hyderbad, nearly 200 Acres of land in between Puranapul, Anantgiri, river Musi and Mir Alam Lake, were alloted by Nizam for their Camps and cantonment. Each Risaldar installed their Nishaan Sahib at this place and started providing services to Nizam while living in camps. From that time this place was named as “Sikh Chawni”. Among the 14 Risals, one was Sardar Asha Singh s/o Mangal Singh Risaldar. He defeated the Nawabs of Adilabad and was successful in collecting the Revenues. Impressed by his capabilities, Raja Gondu Lal, a minister in Nizam Rule, gifted an Eight acre garden in Sikh Chawni to him. Then he constructed the First Gurudwara of Hyderabad at this place and started living here with his forces. From that time this place was came to be known as “ASHA SINGH BAGH”. In 1839 after the death of Sher- e- Punjab Maharaja Ranjeet Singh ji, the salaries and basic equipment’s coming from Punjab was stopped. The Nizam of Hyderabad also denied giving their salaries. The Lahori forces revolt to it and a war broke out. In this war few Lahori Soldiers laid down their precious lives at this sacred place. Since Then this place is dedicated to the sacrifices of the brave Lahori Soldiers. A memorial was constructed at that time, which stands till date and known as “SAHEEDAN SINGH ASTHAAN”.

After this Incident, the Nizam came to know about the developments at Punjab and he decided to recruit the entire Lahori Forces into the folds of Nizam Government. Then Asif Jah Nasir Ud Dowlah gifted the complete cantonment area to the Lahori forces for their permanent residence and thus the Lahori forces become the permanent employees of Nizam Government and provided their services to the Nizam Sarkar

Even today, many piligrims from far districts of Nizam state visit this sacred place to get their desires fulfilled and performed shaheedi poojas.