Mahaan Shaheedi Samagam: Dedicated to Chamkaur Ghari, the Shaheedi Divas of Elder Sahebzade ‘Mahaan Shaheedi Samagam’ is organized every year during the last fortnight of December with the enormous support of Sadh Sangat ji.

Birthday Celebration of Bala Pritam: Birthday celebrfation of Eight Guru – Bala Pritam Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Harkrishan Sahib ji is celebrated in the month of July Every year with immense support of Mahant Karamjit Singh ji, Sant Nishchal Singh ji Sevapanthi Dal Yamunanagar

Birthday Celebration of Baba Deep Singh ji: Birthday celebration and siksha divas of Anokhe Shaheed Baba Deep Singh ji is celebrated on 26th January Every year with immense support of youths of Asha Singh Bagh & Sikh Chawni. This includes Prabhat Pheri at early morning, Followed by Gurmat Mukabala for children. Rein Sabhai Kirtan is also organized in the night.

Birthday Celebration of Moni baba ji: Birthday of the great saint of Deccan India, 108- sant baba Joginder Singh ji Moni is celebrated on 23rd December every year.

Birthday Celebration of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji: Daily Kirtan divan is organized for the entire month of Kathak in which Simran Jatha, hazuri Ragi Singh and youths render Gurbani Kirtan. Also every day each locak Gursikh family perform Langar Seva for the entire month.

Hola Mahalla and Dushera Procession: Every year, a huge procession is taken out by the Sadh Sangat of Hyderabad-secunderbad at the occasion of Holla Mahalla and Dusshera. Nishaan Sahib from Gurudwara Sahib also participates in this Procession.

Sadh Sangat ji is requested to attend all the programmes, give immense support and cooperation to the prabhandhak committee and have blessings of Guru Sahib.